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Lava Frit Xena Necklace
Center Stone is 4"

Aqua Lava Xena Necklace
$150 NXENACHN6975
Medium Xena Necklace
$108 NMXENABL5254
Small Xena Necklace
$88 NSXENA4244
Baby Xena Necklace
$72 NBXENA3436
3 Stone Xena Necklace
$104 N3XENA5052
Xena Charm Necklace
$76 N5XENACH3638
4 Xena Charm Necklace
$72 N4XENA36
8 Stone Zena Necklace
$80 N8XENA3840
7 Stone Circles Necklace
$76 N7CIRCLE3638
Abstract Wire Wrap Necklace
$80 NABWW3840
Abstract Star Wire Wrap Necklace
Wire Wrap Branch Burst Collar
Daisy Necklace
$46 NDAISY28
Heart Y Necklace
Nugget Vloop Necklace
$84 NVNUGGET4042

Wire Wrap Necklace
$68 N3STNWWBL3234
Xena Charm Necklace
Sailboat Charm Necklace
$60 NCHSBOAT2830
Moon and Star Charm Necklace
$60 NC/font>HCEL2830

5 Bar Chain Necklace
$76 N5BARCH3638
5 Slump Leaf Necklace
$72 N5LFSLP3436
5 Leaf Snoflake Necklace
3 Round Stone Y Necklace
$68 NY3B3234
Round Snowflake Necklace
Filagree Chain Necklace
$72 NFILBCHN3436
Square Clear Necklace
$96 NSQCLR4648
Y Slump Leaf Necklace
$82 NYLFSLP3941

Celestial Scroll Necklace
27 " length
$84 NSCLCEL4042
Abstract Pink Clear Black Scroll Necklace
27" length
$84 N
Pink Frit Square Y Scroll
Clear Frit Scroll Necklace
Xena Y Necklace
$72 NYXENA3436
Martini Glass Necklace
$64 NMARTINI3032
Slump Ladder Necklace
$66 NLDSLP3133
Star of David Necklace
Push-Pull Necklace
Available in 16" 18" & 20"
$24 NPP12
Smooth S Collar
$20 CSS12 Silver or Gold
Hammered S Collar
$20 CSH12 Silver or Gold
V Loop Collar
$20 NVLOOP12 Silver or Gold

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