Connie Bennett is one of the most exciting jewelry designers on the fashion/art scene today. Connie has been featured on QVC and regularly appears in fashion and trade magazines. Her jewelry has become popular from coast to coast and is carried in boutiques, galleries and department stores.  Born in Alexandria VA, Connie was raised in Fayetteville, NC. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC. Tallahassee, Florida has been the home for The Connie Bennett Collection since 1996. Connie originally started her studio glass product line in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, initially selling her handmade items as a cart vendor at the Jacksonville Landing. This successful retail experience gives Connie a very unique and insightful understanding of retail customer buying tendencies adding value to her wholesale customers.

The first thing you notice about “The Connie Bennett Collection” is COLOR, COLOR AND MORE COLOR! Connie designs dichroic and mixed media  mirrors and vases as well as jewelry using stained, dichroic and fused glass. Her pieces are handcrafted so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. The glass is combined with unique beading and charms, and is dimensional, contemporary and FUN!

Connie first draws a design on the stained glass, then the shapes are cut, ground and wrapped in copper, and soldered with a non-lead solder. Charms and beading are attached along with a final plating of silver or gold. The fused designs are made with a different process. The type of glass used is called dichroic and/or slumped. This is an extremely expensive glass and process due to the labor intensive nature of the product. The effects are dynamic and worth the extra effort. The glass is layered after cutting, and fired in a kiln. After the annealing process is complete, (cooling down period), the stones are shaped and assembled into the beautiful pieces that makes Connie's designs so unique. Each design is fully  copyrighted to protect the artist. Most pins can also be worn as a pendant. Connie is constantly striving to be different ... after all, it's much more exciting to stand out than to blend into the crowd.


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